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Gjetost Friday

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As a follow-up to the last post and after a long stressful week, it’s such a pleasure to relax with a killer cheese etc. arrangement and a nice glass of wine for dinner:

All the Major Food Groups

Bottom Left Clockwise: Gjetost (or Brunost for those overseas), Tomato (obvs), Lindt really effing dark chocolate (85%), Wasa Sourdough Rye Crackers, and Camembert.

On a similar topic, if you haven’t tried Gjetost/Brunost, go buy some. It is a delicious cheese from Norway (translation: goat cheese/brown cheese) made from the whey of goat’s milk (interestingly, Ricotta is another cheese made from whey, but has completely different characteristics). It has a lovely caramel flavor with a hint of goat, the caramel coming into existence from when the whey is heated and the lactose reacts with the whey protein. It’s also quite dense and creamy, which makes it best friends with a tiny piece of chocolate. Check here: for a more detailed breakdown.

PS. Cheese has been shown to prevent tooth decay due to the bacteria that adhere to teeth after eating, another reason why it is a perfect and irreplaceable end to a meal…


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