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An Unsettling Surprise…

I was sitting in my bed listening to some James Blake, all mellow and sleepy-like when I glanced up to see THIS:

Snake Eyes.

This is scary to me for two reasons:

1) I once read a short story about stuffed animals that were mistreated by their owner (i.e. the owner did not spend enough time with them) and they exacted a bloody revenge entailing the terrifying murder of the owner’s family while she was in the shower, culminating in a truly ‘Hitchcockian’ murder scene, except in place of a knife there were about twenty stuffed animals showing off their abilities with their new found teeth. From then on I showered my stuffed animals in love and attention, slept with the lights on and never forgot the wrath of a stuffed animal scorned.

2) I don’t quite recall propping him up like this?

I think I’m plugging the nightlight in tonight.


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