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The Molecularly-Redesigned Perfect Burger

The Mouthwatering Culmination of Generations of Scientific Inquiry.

Tender Hamburger bun made from scratch and toasted in beef suet.

Hamburger glaze of suet, pureed tomato confit, beef stock, and smoked salt.

Maitake mushroom sauteed in beef suet.

Romaine lettuce infused sous vide with liquid hickory smoke.

Vacuum-compressed heirloom tomato.

Cheese single made from aged Emmental, Comté, and wheat ale.

Short-rib patty ground to vertically align the grain.

Crimini mushroom ketchup with honey, horseradish, fish sauce, ginger, and allspice.


Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine via NYTimes’ Freakonomics:


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