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Prince George Film Festival (yes – for real)

Saw this Friday night at the Prince George Film Festival:

Incendies, a great film, comes highly recommended. Very disturbing insight into Lebanon’s political landscape in the ’70s but also a very interesting personal story of the most prominent character, and an insight into her bizarre behavior at the start of the film. A woman dies and leaves two letters for her twin children to deliver: one to their (previously thought to be deceased) father, and one to their brother (of whose existence they were unaware). They end up looking for answers in their mother’s home country of Lebanon and learning about her past/involvement in the civil war about which she has never spoken.

Also saw Heartbeats (or En Francais: Les Amours Imaginaires/ Imaginary Loves) directed by 21 year old Xavier Dolan (who also stars), which was a funny film about best friends (a gay man and a straight woman) in Montreal who fall in love with the same ‘Adonis’-like man. They both befriend him and each begin to fancy a relationship with him, their competition eventually crushing their friendship. The party scenes and liberal use of The Knife’s music would make wine a great companion for this movie. Maybe even arrange to go to a raging party afterward.

Both films are in French with subtitles (thank goodness, my French is shaky at best).

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